BidSync Solicitation & Bid Notifications/Cone of Silence


The City has begun to migrate to Oracle Cloud Fusion and its Supplier Portal, as a result, Suppliers will  be required to Register in the Oracle Portal to view Purchase Orders, Invoices, and more!! Look for changes beginning mid-August 2019.


Thank you and  Welcome to the City of Hollywood Office of Procurement Services! We are pleased that you are interested in bidding opportunities with the City, and wish you success if all your bidding endeavors. The City of Hollywood started issuing competitive solicitations for goods and services issued through the Procurement Services Division using BidSync Electronic Bidding System.This system allows suppliers to view bids, submit bids and proposal responses electronically using the system. A majority of the goods and services bids are no longer paper proposals for solicitations issued or advertised.

There is NO CHARGE TO SUPPLIERS to use the BidSync Electronic Bidding System but suppliers need to register through Bidsync's website first. 

Click here for BidSync solicitation opportunities. 
DISCLAIMER: The use of the BidSync System for City of Hollywood solicitation does not require your firm to participate in any of the BidSync Subscription services or options. The City of Hollywood does not endorse Bid Sync Subscription services besides the FREE service provided for City Of Hollywood business. If you receive undesired marketing emails or notifications from BidSync, you can unsubscribe by scrolling to the bottom of the email message and clicking on the "Unsubscribe" link.


Suppliers may obtain bid information on our BidSync Search page. Construction, Engineering, and Community Redevelopment Agency bids, as well as all bids posted and may be found on the View Bids page. An administrative fee may apply when requesting a printed copy of a formal bid document directly from the City of Hollywood.

Viewing Bid Results 

Bid results are posted as soon as they are available. Selected suppliers will be notified directly by the City's Procurement Services.


The City of Hollywood Code of Ordinances Section §30.15(F) imposes a Cone of Silence for certain City purchases of goods and services. 

The Cone of Silence prohibits direct communication between suppliers and vendor’s representatives and City elected officials, management and staff during the period in which the Cone of Silence is imposed. 

The Cone of Silence shall be imposed when the City determines sufficient information is available to evaluate the request for a purchase under exemption §38.40(C)(5) of the Code of Ordinance or determines sufficient information is available to draft a formal competitive solicitation. 

The Ordinance does allow potential suppliers or representatives to communicate with those employees identified in Section §30.15(F) of the Code of Ordinance or those designated employees for the limited purpose of seeking clarification or additional information. The names and contact information of those employees that may be contacted for clarification or additional information are included in the notice of the Cone of Silence or in a formal solicitation. 

The Cone of Silence shall remain in effect until an award is made, a contract is approved, or the City takes any other action which ends the procurement process. When a Cone of Silence is terminated, public notice of the termination shall be posted.

Cone of Silence Ordinance (pdf)