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Help Me Hollywood
Help Me Hollywood is a fast, easy and convenient way for City of Hollywood residents and visitors to report non-emergency concerns directly to City Hall. To create a report; select a concern from the convenient drop down menu, enter the location and a description of the issue, add a photo if you'd like then hit submit. The report is immediately sent to the right person within the City who will work to resolve your concern quickly and efficiently. Requests are tracked within the City and users will receive email notifications as requests move through the resolution process to completion. Download the Mobile App to report a concern in real-time. Download Now

Sun Shuttle by Circuit
The Sun Shuttle, operated by Circuit - formerly known as "The Free Ride," is an environmentally-friendly, electric public transportation option that transports riders through service areas in downtown Hollywood, on Hollywood Beach and along Federal Highway. Riders can quickly and easily get to where they want to go in Hollywood, completely free of charge. Simply use the on-demand “Ride Circuit” App to request a pick-up, wave down the closest fleet driver or head to a designated shuttle stop within the service area. 

Visit the Sun Shuttle webpage for service areas, hours of operation and additional information.
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Visitors to Hollywood Beach no longer need cash for parking. Simply park your car and make one short phone call or use the mobile app to enter the zone number of your location and pay for parking. You can even receive a text message reminder before your parking time expires. You also have the option to extend your parking session from anywhere, subject to meter time limits. The service is free to registered Hollywood residents; there is a $0.35 convenience fee for each non-resident transaction
Call 1.877.727.5714 or Download Now