City Manager's Office

The City Manager is Hollywood’s chief administrative official and provides the primary source of leadership to the city's more than 1,400 full and part time employees. The City Manager works closely with department and office directors to direct the operation of all municipal and city department functions, and ensures the city is operating in an efficient and fiscally sound manner. The City Manager is appointed by the City Commission.

The City Manager also is responsible for presenting the City Commission with an annual budget, and assists the commission with establishing long-term goals, developing policy proposals and program alternatives.

The City’s economic initiatives are led by the City Manager's Office. Hollywood’s economic development mission is two-fold - attracting new business and retaining and expanding existing businesses within the city. The City's economic development team provides support to help grow the business community. A variety of programs and resources are available to meet the needs of the business community.

2021 Accomplishments
2021 Citywide Accomplishments

2021 Legislative Priorities

Dr. Wazir Ishmael

City Manager

George Keller, Jr. CPPT

Deputy City Manager

Gus Zambrano 

Assistant City Manager for Sustainable Development

Adam Reichbach

Assistant City Manager for Finance and Administration

Shiv Newaldass

Director of Department of Development Services

Raelin Storey

Director of Communications, Marketing and Economic Development

Jaime Hernandez

Emergency and Governmental Affairs Manager

Alison H. Saffold

Civic Affairs Administrator 

David Keller

Fiscal Affairs Special Projects Manager
Wazir Ishmael
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Adam Reichbach Biography photo
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Jaime Hernandez
Alison Saffold, Civic Affairs Administrator
Dave Keller Fiscal Affairs Special Projects Manager