Human Resources


The Mission of the Office of Human Resources (HR) is to serve those who serve Hollywood by enhancing the employment experience, promoting teamwork, empowering employees and providing quality service. In fulfilling this mission, our goal is to build and promote a work environment that fosters a positive and effective relationship between the City and its employees and those we do business with and serve.

Responsibilities & Services

HR is responsible for recruiting, selecting, retaining, and developing the most important resource of the City – our employees. This Office provides support services and consultation in the areas of Strategic Management, Workforce Planning and Employment, Human Resource Development, Compensation and Benefit Administration, and Total Rewards.

HR ensures consistent practices are followed in compliance with State and Federal laws, collective bargaining agreements, City policies, rules and regulations so that all employees are afforded equal opportunity. It serves all City offices/departments in their efforts to recruit, train, develop and retain a diverse and competent workforce that enables the offices/departments to carry out their operations more efficiently and effectively

In addition to providing centralized human resources functions, HR is responsible for the administration of the Self Insurance Fund (which covers the City’s self-insured risk) and the development, implementation, and maintenance of the Citywide employee health and benefits programs. HR is also responsible for the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Program, which includes regulatory functions and compliance with federal, state, and local laws pertaining to equal opportunity in employment.  HR provides support to the Civil Service Board, and oversight of the Civil Service Rules and Regulations.  Copies of the Civil Service Rules and Regulations are available upon request from HR at 954.921.3216. 

HR is also responsible for negotiating, administering and interpreting the City’s collective bargaining agreements with the three unions and five bargaining units covering approximately 1,400 employees.

As well as negotiating and administering collective bargaining agreements, HR provides advice and counsel to management on labor matters, including performance management, progressive discipline, and grievance and dispute resolution procedures. HR administers the grievance process, facilitates labor/management meetings between departments and the respective unions, and conducts investigations (including investigating all complaints concerning discrimination and harassment) in a neutral manner, guided by the principles of consistency and fairness and in compliance with all state and federal laws. It administers the City’s Drug-Free Workplace policy, Family Medical Leave Act policy, and reviews requests for accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The Risk Management division is responsible for administering the City’s self-insurance program for workers’ compensation, general liability and property damage claims, and reviewing certificates of insurance. Included in these activities, are the processing of all such claims and overseeing the City’s safety policies and procedures. 

If you feel that you have sustained property damage as a result of something the City did or did not do, complete the claim form. Once the claim form has been submitted, an adjuster will investigate your claim and provide you with a written liability determination. Liability Claim forms can be obtained from the Risk Management Division @ 954.921.3519.

All vendors who provide services for the City must have appropriate insurance coverage. Insurance protects the City and taxpayers by transferring the risk associated with services and work to a third party.

The amount of insurance the vendor must carry is determined by the risk involved in the work being performed. To help determine how much insurance a vendor is required to carry, please refer to the matrix which is provided for the most common types of work utilized by the City. The matrices reflects what general liability, commercial automobile, umbrella and workers’ compensation coverage is needed. Some vendors may need additional classes of coverage such as professional liability, garage keepers or liquor liability.

Contractors and subcontractors matrices are intended to assist in determining how much, what coverage and any special language may be needed on a certificate. They may not reflect all types of work. these matrices can be obtained upon request from the Rick Management Division at 954.921.3519. 

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