Vacation Rental License

The City of Hollywood has approved new regulations for properties being used as vacation rentals. Vacation rentals are classified as any individually or collectively owned single family house or dwelling unit that is also a Transient Public Lodging Establishment and is located in an area zoned RS and RM. Transient Public Lodging Establishments are rented to guests more than three times a year for periods of less than 30 days. These properties are required to have a Vacation Rental License.

The Vacation Rental License is only required for properties that are zoned RS and RM. You can check your property's zoning by visiting the Broward County Property Appraiser's website.
Additional information:  
Vacation Rental License Fees (R-2017-177)
Vacation Rental License Regulations
 The owner certification form must be completed and notarized, then uploaded.  
View sample application and inspection check list. Application must be completed online. Paper applications are not accepted.  
Applications can be submitted by clicking here and entering your property address. 


Click here to enter an address to see if it has an approved Vacation Rental Lease 



Should you require additional information, have questions, or would like to schedule a meeting to discuss your Vacation Rental Property please contact Jacob Manimala in Treasury Division at 954.921.3246. 

Information on Valet Service

Please refer to City of Hollywood code section 72.158(G)(1) for information on valet service in residential areas:
72.158 (G)
(1) Valet service; residential. Valet service may be provided for noncommercial uses, including private functions in residentially zoned areas. Valet operators must meet the following criteria:
(a) Valet operator must obtain a zero street address local business tax receipt through the Department of Financial Services;
(b) Zero street address local business tax receipt is only permitted for use in areas zoned residential;
(c) Zero street addresses may not be simultaneously or concurrently used in multiple residential locations;
(d) Valet operators must complete a valet parking permit application form and submit this form to the Office of Parking & Intergovernmental Affairs at least three days prior to the scheduled event