Energy – Efficiency, Renewables, Rebates

 Energy Efficiency Tax Credits and Rebate Programs

Did you know that being “green” can also save you green? A well-insulated home, energy efficient and water efficient appliances and fixtures, electric vehicles, and electricity generation save you money in the long term by reducing monthly fuel, water, and energy costs. There are also a lot of programs in place to reduce upfront costs of adopting these efficient technologies. The following rebates and tax credits can be taken alone, combined together, and used to increase the money savings of improvements to your home which might qualify for PACE financing. The following list is a starting point, but programs are updated and made available frequently so residents should research.

City of Hollywood Rebates

Energy and water use are closely related. The treatment and delivery of water and waste water uses a large amount of energy. Water conservation saves energy use by utilities thereby saving taxpayer money. the City of Hollywood offers several programs for water conservation.
  • Rebates are offered for water efficient toilets up to $100 per toilet with a max of two toilets per customer. Learn more on the City’s website.
  • Exchange programs are offered for shower heads and restaurant pre-rinse spray valves. New showerheads come with a water conservation kit which includes a faucet aerator, leak detection tablets, and conservation tips. Learn more on the City’s website.

 FPL customers have the following rebates available:


Air Conditioners
Energy Recovery
Ceiling Insulation
Up to $190
Use FPL’s Online Home Energy Analyzer to find ways to improve energy savings at your house.
Kitchen demand control ventilation
Thermal Energy Storage

If you use or are switching to Natural Gas, TECO has several rebates available.

Natural Gas Appliance
Replace Electric with Natural Gas
Replace Natural Gas With More Efficient Natural Gas
Replace Oil With Natural Gas
Tank Water Heating
High Efficiency Tank Water Heating
Tankless Water Heating
Central Heating or Wall Furnace
Up to $330
Clothes Drying
Space Heating
Up to $330
TECO Residential Rebates
TECO Commercial Rebates 


Federal Tax Credits for Renewable Energy and Electric Vehicles

Geothermal Heat Pumps
30% of cost
Small Wind Turbines
30% of cost
Solar Energy Systems
30% of cost
Fuel Cells
30% of cost
Fully electric and plug in hybrid vehicles
Up to $7,500

To learn more and for specific requirements, visit, the IRS website, and DSIRE Renewables and Energy Efficiency.

Page updated September 18, 2019