What is the City’s General Fund?

TThe City’s General Fund is the fiscal and accounting entity used to account for both general government activities and those activities not required to be accounted for in another fund. Included in governmental activities and operations funded by the General Fund are the Offices of the City Commission, City Manager, and City Attorney; departments such as Police and Fire; and most divisions within Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts, Public Works and Development Services.  The General Fund is the City’s largest fund with a FY 2024 total budget of $361,955,722 representing 46.4% of the FY 2024 Adopted All Funds Budget.  Revenues which will fund the General Fund include net property taxes, utility service tax, simplified communications tax, franchise fees, local business tax, state shared revenues, fire rescue assessment fees, and user charges/fees.

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11. What is the City’s General Fund?
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