What is the City’s current property tax rate?

The City’s property tax rate for FY 2023 is 8.1548 mills which is an increase of  0.2582 mills compared to the FY 2022 total millage rate.  This is made up of the operating millage of 7.4665 and the voted debt service millage of 0.6883 mills.  


The voted debt service millage is based upon the two General Obligation Bonds approved by a majority of the City’s residents in November 2004 and March 2020 and is used to cover associated debt service payments due in FY 2023. It should be noted that there are additional tax assessments imposed by other taxing authorities that will be included in your tax bill such as Broward County, the Broward County School Board, the South Broward Hospital District, and various other taxing authorities.  All of these tax assessments comprise the total annual ad valorem taxes to be paid

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