What types of approvals are needed?
A building permit is required prior to constructing or installing an enclosure. Also if the new enclosure requires new pavement or a new concrete slab over the size of 250 square feet, the plans for the enclosure must be approved by Broward County Development and Environmental Division prior to applying to the City. In an effort to assist property owners with the design of your enclosure, the City has created standardized architectural drawings which are available for free to the public. Information on how to obtain a building permit, who can apply for the building permit, or access the standardized drawings can be found on the City’s website or by contacting the Building Division at 954.921.3335.Building Division

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1. Who is required to provide dumpster enclosures?
2. Are there exceptions?
3. What are the general requirements for the enclosure construction?
4. I do not have room for an enclosure on my property – what do I do?
5. When do I need to be in compliance with the dumpster enclosure requirements?
6. What types of approvals are needed?